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3D Gait Analysis

The Gold Standard in Biomechanical Gait analysis, now available at The Vale Clinic.

Why choose us?

We use 3D gait analysis system to treat Injuries, help our patients move better, run faster, stay active and pain free. 3D gait analysis can also be used to quantify the impact of an intervention, monitor progress over time and help you return to activity following an injury or surgery.


It is the state-of-the-art three-dimensional motion analysis technology used to accurately measure how a person moves, the joint angles at your hips, knees and ankles in 3D, all captured in real-time.


This provides a detailed assessment of your movement patterns when you are walking or running, which helps us to accurately determine the root-cause of your problem or injury.


The results of your 3D gait analysis together with a musculoskeletal biomechanical assessment are used to give you data driven advice and us the information to recommend the best treatment pathway for your condition.


Evidence shows that gait analysis and retraining are powerful and effective interventions for helping people walk pain-free.  3D system is an evidence-based specialist gait analysis service developed by scientists at The University of Oxford.

Who is 3D Gait Analysis for?

Walkers and runners. If you have a musculoskeletal pain, a sporting or running injury, a walking or running 3D gait analysis can help.

    • Those wanting to get rid of existing pain during walking or running.
    • Those with persistent or recurring injuries.
    • Those seeking to improve performance and training volume – runners, triathletes.
    • New runners seeking advice to prevent injury and optimise their performance.
    • Those recovering after lower limb, foot and ankle surgery

Do I have to be injured to benefit from a Run3D assessment?

No, a 3D assessment can identify any biomechanical problems and help prevent the development of potential injuries. It can be especially useful for new runners, those wanting to increase their training volume and those who run very high mileage.

I’m not a runner, do you assess walkers?

Yes, we can assess walking gait in exactly the same way as we assess running.

Do I have to be referred to you by a doctor or healthcare professional?

No, you do not need to be referred for an assessment. Anyone can book an assessment.

I’m already seeing a Physiotherapist for my running injury, can I still come to have a 3D gait assessment?

Yes, 3D gait analysis services are designed to complement existing therapies. We will provide you with a unique service that can help your physiotherapist/treating therapist to identify the root cause of your injury and recommend the best treatment options.

How does a Walking or Running 3D assessment differ from a normal Physiotherapy appointment?

We offer you a unique and specialised service, which uses state-of-the-art technology to measure the way you run in three dimensions. It is unlikely that your physiotherapist has access to the specialist equipment that is required to carry-out an assessment of this type. Our gait analysis service is designed to complement the expertise of other practitioners, such as sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, and other health care professionals.

How long does it take for a 3D assessment?

We allow 1 hour for the clinical exam only, and 2 hours for the 3D gait analysis and clinical exam.

What do I need to bring to the assessment?

Please bring a pair of shorts, comfortable top to move in, socks and your current running/walking shoes. Running shorts are ideal, and the shorter the better, as we have to place thigh makers quite high up onto the back of your legs!


If you have any insoles, please bring those to your assessment too.

What is the difference between a Walking or Running 3D assessment and the free assessment provided by my local running shop?

Research has shown that only three dimensional assessments are accurate enough to detect the small movement patterns that might cause a running injury. Since most running shops only use one or two cameras, they can only measure your biomechanics in 2D, and are often inadequate for carrying out an accurate biomechanical assessment. At The Vale clinic, we use three infrared cameras to measure your biomechanics in three dimensions. We offer a very specialised service and use the most advanced three-dimensional clinical motion analysis that is available at this time.

3D Silver assessment summary

The silver assessment is our baseline service and includes an objective 3D gait analysis of you walking or running on a treadmill using infrared cameras and state of the art technology to accurately identify your movement patterns.


The Silver Assessment does NOT include objective strength, flexibility, alignment and functional testing.


What do I get?

A detailed report of your walking or running gait highlighting biomechanical issues, movement asymmetries and performance indicators. In addition to this, for runners we may recommend running technique and performance advice, further treatment recommendations including rehabilitation and physiotherapy.


How long does it take?

Allow 1 hour

3D Gold assessment summary

The gold assessment includes everything included in the silver assessment IN ADDITION TO an objective musculoskeletal exam. The Gold Assessment includes a 3D gait analysis AND objective musculoskeletal testing of strength, flexibility, alignment and function.


Strength, flexibility, alignment and function are all measured objectively and compared to our uninjured controls in the same way as the gait data in order to identify asymmetries, weaknesses and detrimental features.


The results of the gold analysis give a clear picture of the patient’s gait and biomechanical function and are used to provide evidence-based recommendations (e.g. physiotherapy, exercises, further treatment, gait retraining).


What do I get?

A detailed report of walking or running gait (as for the silver) as well as a detailed and objective analysis of musculoskeletal function, and performance indicators. Advice and recommendations based on the results.


How long does it take?

Allow 2 hours

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