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Custom Made
Foot Orthotics

Beautifully made custom 3D foot orthoses keeping you pain free and mobile.

What are Custom Made Foot Orthotics used for?

An orthoses is a brace or splint which are designed to help patients with a variety of different medical conditions to better manage day-to-day living and reduce pain and where possible increase mobility.


Orthotics can also cover different areas of the body. These orthotics are simply named after the parts of the body that they are treating, hence the term custom made foot orthotic in podiatry.

Why choose us?

At the Vale Clinic, providing you with a custom made orthotic is not a stand alone intervention, we approach your care from a holistic point of view, taking into consideration your biomechanical function together with using our state of the art three dimensional (3D) advanced gait analysis technology to objectively and accurately analyse and diagnose your foot and lower limb pain or condition.


The results of your 3D gait analysis and musculoskeletal biomechanical assessment gives a clear picture of your gait and biomechanical function and are used to provide evidence-based treatment recommendations.

What is my next step?

  • If you have been told you need orthotics, think you might need them, or you want to replace your existing ones, the first step will be to book a 3D gait analysis and musculoskeletal biomechanical assessment with one of our specialist podiatrists.

Your podiatrist may recommend a combination of interventions together with custom made orthotics.

Other interventions may include:

  • Advice on the right type of footwear to help your condition
  • An exercise programme for stretching and strengthening
  • Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapy
  • Shockwave Therapy for tendinopathies and myofascial pain
  • Taping
  • You may require further investigation using diagnostic ultrasound or x-rays
  • A referral to another practitioner such as a physiotherapist or sports therapist for further care
Not everyone needs an Orthotic, and if you do need them, an often common misconception is that they need to be used all the time and they cannot be removed from your shoes.  The reality is that they can be beneficial for certain conditions, and the duration of use, depends on the problem and what you are trying to achieve with your treatment goals.
Orthoses can be used for a short period of time for example, while you are going through a rehabilitation programme and can be removed afterwards. Remember, it is a brace or splint in the shoe.  Sometimes, they may just be required for certain activities in sports and exercise, or walking.  Your podiatrist will discuss and agree a personalised plan with you.
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To find out more, please watch the Royal College of Podiatry informational video below.


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