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Have you got a painful ingrown toenail? Good news! You don’t have to put up with the pain anymore, we can help you become pain free.

Why choose us?

Our podiatrists at The Vale Clinic specialise in treating ingrown toenails and performing surgery to correct the problem. We carry out minor nail surgery at our clinic every week.


Ingrown toenails are surprisingly common, and can be caused by a number of reasons including improper toenail cutting, tight fitting footwear, or from a break in the nail where a spike or shoulder is left in the corner of the toe. The nail spike or shoulder of nail can pierce the surrounding skin, causing a wound. This may lead to an infection if not treated promptly.


The first line of treatment is usually a conservative approach, where the nail is trimmed back and we give you advice on self-management. For cases that fail to resolve with conservative care, or prove persistent with re-current infection, toenail surgery can be considered. Please click to see our ‘Looking after your Ingrowing Toenail’ leaflet.

What is an Ingrowing Toenail?

An ingrowing toenail occurs when a side of the nail pierces the surrounding skin. This can be on one side, or both sides of the toe. It may appear red and inflamed, with some pus discharging from the toe.

How can Toenail Surgery help me?

In cases where patients don’t respond to conservative treatment, Toenail Surgery may be necessary. Surgery for ingrown toenails is where a part or whole of the problematic nail is removed under local anaesthetic.

In the case of the prior where part of the nail is to be removed, an edge or edges of your toenail will be cut away, making it narrower and creating a straight edge on the nail.

Your toe will be wrapped in a large dressing, and you will need to keep your foot elevated for a few days after the surgery.  Most people are able to go back to work the next day and continue with everyday activities. Your podiatrist will discus your options with you, taking into consideration your personal circumstances.

Toenail surgery can also be used to treat fungal toenails.

What to expect at your pre-operative consultation appointment

To ensure you are suitable for the procedure, a thorough review of your medical health will be completed. Your podiatrist will make an assessment, explain the whole process, and come to agreed plan with you before the decision is made to book you in for surgery.


Download our information leaflet – Toenail Surgery for Ingrown Toenails


To find out more, please watch the Royal College of Podiatry informational video below.

Case Study

The photo to the right shows an ingrowing toenail on the inside corner of the right  great toenail. The picture below was taken 4 weeks after the surgery, where the toe is fully healed and the patient is now pain free, and is able to continue with their daily and sporting activities.

Source – The Vale Clinic Podiatry Archives 2022

"I would recommend this clinic to anyone wanting thorough, personalised and friendly service. Going in with painful feet and leaving feeling as though I was walking on air, I could not be happier. Thank you, Vale Clinic!”



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Before surgery

4 weeks after surgery


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