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“My Feet Hurt”

How many times have you said this phrase? or heard someone else say it to you? I bet, a good number of times.

You’d be surprised to know how many people put up with foot pain because they either don’t know where to seek help from, don’t want to make a fuss, or are feeling too embarrassed to show their feet.  If you have painful feet and you are reading this post, then you are a step away from doing something about your foot pain.

Foot pain can be a mere irritation and distraction ranging to debilitating to disabling when going about your everyday life. Walking the dog, going for that lovely long walk you’ve been looking forward to every week with your walking group, and you’ve been tolerating that niggling pain which has now ramped up to the point where you are limping with every step you take, you dread putting one foot in front of the other because of the pain  and still don’t make that phone call which will take you on to the next step of getting rid of the pain.

If your feet hurt, have them checked out, it’s as simple as that. Visit an HCPC registered Podiatrist/chiropodist who specialise in ‘all things feet’.

Foot pain has many causes, but most importantly- can be helped.  Many causes of foot pain can come as a result of something very simple such as poor fitting shoes. 

A hairdresser walked into the clinic where I work, and wanted to know if I could help with the pain, they were experiencing all day and every day of their working week.    

A simple assessment followed by treatment and advice saw them on their way to improving their foot health and getting rid of the constant annoying pain. Don’t ignore pain, as this is a way of how your body signals to you, that something is wrong.  

During your initial assessment with the Podiatrist, you both agree a treatment plan, and your progress is reviewed over a period of time.  

The management plan may entail a course of treatment, or you might only require one treatment appointment with good advice on daily foot care and self-management.   You might require foot checks and treatment at periodic intervals depending on your foot problem.

It is advisable to see a Podiatrist who is trained to diagnose, treat and advice you on how to manage the causes and symptoms of your foot pain. 

For more information on common foot problems follow the link here.

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