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General Foot Care, Standard Assessments & Home Visits

General Foot Care, Standard Assessments & Home Visits

General Foot Care

The build-up of hard skin on the soles of the feet and development of corns, can be caused by rubbing of bony prominences on the feet which can become very painful.  The heels can crack, where the skin is inelastic and dry.  Treatment is offered to improve and maintain good skin quality, by gently pairing away the hard skin and corns.

Podiatrists are able to treat problematic nails and help you manage them better. Problematic nails such as painful Ingrown toenails, fungal nails, blackened toenails, thickened and deformed toenails. 

Advice on daily foot care tailored to your needs, will be given to you by the Podiatrist.  

Foot Health Checks

To ensure that your feet are in good health, an annual foot health check with a Podiatrist is recommended. A number of foot problems can go unnoticed by the untrained eye, until it becomes a problem. Book your appointment today, to have your foot health check.

Diabetic Foot Assessment

The number of people who have Diabetes in the UK is rising at a significant rate, from year to year. According to Diabetes UK, the number of people with Diabetes had risen to approximately 3.7million people in 2017. 

People with diabetes are encouraged to have their feet checked yearly to ensure early detection and prompt treatment of any adverse changes, or complications that can occur in the feet.Diabetes can affect the feet in two main ways, the circulation and altered feeling or sensation in the feet. 
A Podiatrist will check your circulation and the sensation in the feet, and give you advice on how to look after them.  

Footwear Assessment

Poorly fitting footwear is one of the most common causes of foot problems.  Footwear assessment is a service offered at the Vale Clinic.  The Podiatrist is able to advise you on suitable, supportive footwear and recommend appropriate footwear style suited to the shape of your feet.

Home Visits

Domiciliary visits are provided in the comfort of your home.  This is beneficial for you if struggle with your mobility, and getting out and about. This service is also available to nursing or residential care homes.

The first appointment will take up to forty-five minutes, it includes an initial consultation and treatment.  A foot health check is undertaken, and your medical history is recorded.  Follow-up appointments can either be booked at the end of your appointment, or at a later date to suit you.

Book an appointment using the button below, or to find out more call The Vale Clinic on 07988 916 198 to speak to Ronke the Podiatrist.