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General Foot Care & Standard Foot Assessments

General Foot Care, Diabetic Foot Assessments

General Foot Care

I can help improve the appearance of the skin, by gently pairing away the hard skin and corns; and give you relevant self-care advice to manage it at home.  The build-up of painful hard skin and corns on your feet, can be caused by pressure and rubbing of bony prominences in the shoe.  The skin may crack, especially around the heels where it atimes becomes dry and inelastic.  

I treat problematic nails everyday in my clinic, nails such as painful Ingrown toenails, blackened toenails, fungal nails, deformed and thickened toenails.  

You can read more about fungal nails in my blog here.

Diabetic Foot Assessments

I specialise in diabetic foot assessments and treatment and can give you relevant advice on how to look after your feet.  I’ve had a number of years’ experience, treating diabetic feet when I worked at the Royal Berkshire Hospital podiatry department  in Reading.  

If you have diabetes, you are encouraged to have your feet checked every year.  This is to ensure, any changes to your foot health is picked up early.  Diabetes may affect the feet in two main ways, it can cause poor circulation and can damage the nerves in the feet.  During your initial consultation with me, I complete a foot health assessment, to check your circulation and the sensation in the feet.  

Foot Health Checks

To ensure that your feet are in good health, an annual foot health check with a Podiatrist is recommended. A number of foot problems can go unnoticed by the untrained eye, until it becomes a problem. I assess the circulation and sensation in your feet, and check for any abnormalities in the skin and nails.  I provide you with self-care advice that will enable you to manage your feet at home.

Footwear Assessment

Poorly fitting footwear is one of the most common causes of foot problems.  Footwear assessment is a service offered at the Vale Clinic.  I can advise you on suitable, supportive footwear and recommend appropriate footwear styles suited to the shape of your feet

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