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Thanks so much for stopping by our window, I’m Ronke Tinker, your local Wokingham Podiatrist. 

I’m guessing you’re here because you or somebody you care about is struggling with a foot or lower limb related problem, that is stoppping them or you, doing the things and activities you/they enjoy. 

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What people are saying about their experience

I went to see Ronke for the first time last week as I had problems with various toes. She took care of my feet and addressed a couple of different issues. She recommended a few different creams to use in order to continue the treatment and was so kind to send an email as I was unable to remember what the creams were called. She even called me a few days later to check if there had been any progress. I would certainly recommend her services.
Ronke is an amazing podiatrist, she is professional, knowledgeable and extremely welcoming. All procedures are undertaken with the patients safety foremost. This is my second visit to Ronke and I will continue to visit her so she can care for my feet. 5 stars.
Ronke is very professional and always provides good advice and treatment. I felt very safe and there was an excellent, well thought through process to minimise the spread of Covid.