The Vale Clinic

Pricing, Payment & Referrals

The Vale Clinic Pricing

£35 up to 25 minutes 


£45 up to 30 minutes


£325 for one toe | £425 for two toes

Must be paid in full at time of booking.
Both include three follow up redressing appointments, and a redressing pack.

Extra Dressing Pack – £12.50

£280 up to 60 minutes
Includes three follow up appointments


£30 per administration

£60 up to 60 minutes

£40 up to 30 minutes

£50 up to 60 minutes
Charged separately to Bio Assessment

£160 up to 60 minutes

£250 standard
Must be paid for in full at time of ordering

Prices start from £45
Must be paid for in full at time of ordering

Initial consultation  and treatment £45 up to  45 minutes Follow -up appointments: Extended appointments £45 up to 45 minutes General foot care of nails, corns and hard skin £40  up to 30 minutes

Medical report or GP Letter  – £10
Request for medical reports must be in writing

Payment and Private Health Insurance


Treatment can be paid for by cash, card, debit or credit card.  All major debit and credit cards are accepted.

Initial appointment fees are payable in full by debit or credit card when booking your appointment, a refund is only available if a cancellation is made beforehand giving 2 business days’ notice- 48 hours.

Follow-up appointment fees are required in full at the end of each appointment.

 If you fail to attend your follow-up appointments without 48 hours prior notice, payment will be required in full.

Private Health Insurance

A number of private health insurance companies may cover the total cost of treatment, while part payment of fees of the allowable cost of treatment will only be reimbursed by others.  Contact your private health insurance company to find out more.

The Vale Clinic requires that treatment fees are paid in full by patients after each treatment. An invoice with the details of the practitioner and treatment will be issued to you, to assist you with your Podiatry treatment fee claim.

Clinic Referrals

Referrals can be made through your general practitioner, however, this is not always necessary.  You can contact the clinic directly on 
07988 916 198 to book an appointment.  Alternatively, you can use the online booking system to make your appointment via the orange button in the right hand corner, at the top of the page.