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The Vasyli sports insole is good for shoes with low volume, without losing functional benefits. Can be worn in football boots and other training shoes, or in dress shoes with low volume.

  • A subtle 4mm heel raise is perfect for tight posterior muscles and associated conditions such as Achilles tendinitis.
  • The rearfoot post of 3° + the 4mm raise forms a smart medial wedge, giving control without the “bulk.”
  • A low-profile medial arch contour ensures comfort, while the high-density heat-moldable shell provides further customization, enhancing fit and performance.
  • The intrinsic forefoot contours balance the unique forefoot loads experienced with studs or cleats. It further enhances 1st ray plantar flexion, facilitating hallux dorsiflexion.
  • This in turn assists in instigating the windlass mechanism — promoting high-gear propulsion, stabilizing the forefoot, and locking the midfoot for maximum power transfer during heel up and toe off.

Available in 5 sizes, covering UK sizes 3 – 12.5

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