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Online Podiatry Video Consultations

How can an online video consultation help me?

Here are a few scenarios where an online podiatry video call will be of benefit to you – 

  • You can have an initial podiatry consultation via video call, like you would in a face-to-face appointment, which saves you time on travel
  • Diagnosis of your foot or lower limb problem, via video call.
  • I can give you practical advice on treatment options to help manage your foot and lower limb problem at home 
  • I can provide self-management packages which can include a number of interventions you can do at home
  • Exercise advice 
  • Footwear advice 
  • Referral to other healthcare professionals where relevant
  • Work with you to track your progress, again saving you time on travel  
I can utilise online video consultations to deliver quality care, that is easily accessible.  An online video call can be taken remotely at a time convenient to you, so you can be anywhere in the world, you don’t have to live locally to access it.   

You can find some of our frequently asked questions on video consultations, on the page below.

What will I need for the video call?

  • You will need an internet connection,
  • A well-lit, quiet and private space – you can also have a family member with you if you would like to.
  • A computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • You will need to allow microphone and camera access for the video call to work, making sure the built-in camera, microphone and volume are switched on.
If we lose connection during the video call, don’t worry I will be able to give you a call.

How will I show you what is wrong?

If you need to show me your problem, you can use the video camera.  If it is in a place that is hard to reach, you may find it easier to take a good quality photo or recording of the problem before hand, so it can be shared.

You can ask me the same questions as you would, in a face-to-face appointment.  While the video consultation will not be recorded I will make notes on your record in the usual way.
We can book a face-to-face appointment if you need to be seen in person at the clinic.
After the call, you will receive a follow-up email, which may include further information for you, or links to advice.
Here is what Catherine had to say about her online video call…

‘I approached Ronke to see if she could help as my daughter had a problem with her toe and in the present climate of social distancing and the increased workload on the NHS, I wanted to find a safe alternative to visiting the GP for appropriate advice.  We had a video call with Ronke and she was really helpful and provided exactly what we needed.  She was able to assess the problem and provide good, easy-to-follow practical advice to help my daughter until we can get to see her in person.  The practical suggestions have really helped and I would certainly recommend a video call with Ronke if you need advice on how to relieve symptoms or manage a problem until normal service can resume and you can get to see her in person.’

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Virtual podiatry consultations using telehealth, are online video calls.  Calls are visual and audio based, I can hear and see you, you can even be comfy in your PJs I don’t mind.  You will be able to show me the problem or demonstrate what it is.

I can assess you and give you easy-to-follow practical advice to help you relieve your symptoms and help manage your foot problem.

I am able to give advice on conditions such as ingrowing toenails, hard skin & corns, heel pain, verruca & warts. 

There are some conditions I won’t be able to help with virtually, but you can start with some simple practical steps to help until I can see you in person.

You can send me an email at with a short description of the problem and I will be able to tell you if you are suitable for a video call.  If you prefer to call, you can contact me on 07988 916 918.

It is encrypted, so the connection is secure and is governed by the confidentially and privacy codes (GDPR).

You can book your appointment by:

– calling me on 07899 916 198

– by emailing your enquiry to

– booking directly online, using the BOOK ONLINE  NOW button, at the top of this page


Video consultation is a new service to the clinic.  It came about as a result of the restrictions on movement due to the coronavirus outbreak.  The video consultations are slightly cheaper than a face-to face appointment at the moment.

To find out more about services offered at the clinic, contact us on 07988 916 198.