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Ingrowing Toenail Removal & Surgery

Ingrowing Toenail Removal & Surgery

What is an Ingrowing Toenail?

 An ingrowing toenail occurs when the sides of the nail pierces the surrounding skin, this can be on one side, or both sides of the toe.  It may appear red and inflamed, with some pus discharging from the toe.

An ingrown toenail can be caused by a number of reasons, improper toenail cutting, tight fitting footwear, or from a break in the nail where a spike or shoulder is left in the corner of the toe.  The nail spike or shoulder of nail, can pierce the surrounding skin, causing a wound.  This may lead to an infection if not treated promptly. 

The first line of treatment is usually conservative treatment, where the nail is trimmed back and we give you advice on self-management. For cases that fail to resolve with conservative care, or prove persistent with re-current infection, toenail surgery can be considered.  

What is Toenail Surgery?

Toenail surgery is a widely accepted minor procedure proven to resolve ingrown toenails.  A part or whole of the problematic nail, is removed under local anaesthetic. 

Toenail surgery is also indicated for the treatment of painful thickened, deformed, or excessively curved nails.  

What to expect at your Initial Consultation

To ensure you are suitable for the procedure, a thorough review of your medical health will be completed.  Your podiatrist will make an assessment, explain the whole process, and come to agreed plan with you. 

If you will like to find out more, please call clinic on 0118 304 9389.  Alternatively, you can book an initial consultation appointment using the button below.