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Verruca & Wart Removal

Verruca & Wart Removal

What are Verrucae?

Verrucae and Warts are viral in nature, and are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus – HPV. They can be found on any part of the foot, but commonly on the soles and the toes.  There are over 200 sub-types of the virus, only a few are known to present in the foot. 

Treatment for Verrucae

At the foot clinic we offer a variety of treatment options for the removal of Verrucae & Warts.  

  • Cryotherapy/Freezing
  • Caustics –  acid treatment
  • Falknor’s Dry Needling
  • Verrutop Treatment
You can find out more in my blog on Verrucae here.

To find out more about the treatments offered, contact the clinic on 0118 304 9389

Case study

Below are photos of before and after treatment of a patient in their late teens.  They had longstanding verrucae for approximately 5 years which were painful to walk on.  They had tried several over the counter treatments and creams from their doctor which proved to be unsuccessful at clearing the verrucae. This particular patient had dry needling of one verruca on the right foot, after a few weeks the verrucae  on both feet resolved. Picture on the left was taken at their first appointment and second picture at week 16. (patient consent gained)

I will like to say not all patients have the same healing rates, or respond to certain treatments. Research shows treatment modalities for Verrucae are known to have approximately 70% success rates.  Treatment plans are tailored to the individual, and are reviewed regularly.

Wart & Verruca removal successfully treated- Will my 7-year old verruca go away?
Wart & Verruca removal - Will it ever go away? | The Vale Clinic Reading