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Verrucae Treatments​

What are Verrucae?

Verrucae are warts that are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus – HPV, and can be found on any part of the foot, but commonly on the soles and the toes.  There are over 200 sub-types of the virus, only a few are known to present in the foot.

Treatment for Verrucae

The Vale Clinic offers a variety of treatment options. Research shows treatment modalities for verrucae, are known to have approximately 70% success rates:

  • Falknor’s Needling 
  • Caustics – acid application
  • Phototherapy using Low Level Laser therapy,
  • CryoPen Cryotherapy

Falknor’s Needling

Falknor’s Needling is increasingly being used as a form of treatment for Verrucae.  The Verruca is broken down by perforation under local anaesthetic, allowing the body’s own defence system to recognise the presence of the virus, thereby fighting against the infection.


Salicylic acid ointment 60% concentration

This is a caustic preparation that is applied to the affected area/s in the form of a paste, and a bandage is applied.  This can be left for a period of three to five days, where it works by gradually peeling away the layers of affected area of skin.  The process is repeated on a weekly basis, and it’s effectiveness reviewed at each appointment.

Silver Nitrate 75-95% concentration

This is another caustic treatment which acts on the protein within the viral tissue.  It is applied after pairing or filing down the hard skin over the affected area.  It forms a black waterproof cap over the Verruca, thereby lowering the risk of spread of the virus.  There is no requirement for prolonged dressing use for this treatment, and It can be used as a home treatment under supervision and instruction of a Podiatrist. 

Phototherapy using Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy is an established form of treatment that has been used for over five decades, and is used in a number of healthcare disciplines.   In Podiatry it can be used to treat various musculoskeletal conditions, fungal nails, wound care and verrucae. 

In the treatment of Verrucae, it repairs infected viral tissue, creating an environment which promotes healing and better cell function, thereby optimising the body’s immune system response.  It is a low powered cold laser, and its effects are biochemical in nature.

CryoPen Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is the freezing of the viral cells within the Verrucae, thereby destroying the virus cell structure, where the body is able to detect its presence, and start the process of healing.  The number of sessions required, will depend on the size and duration of the Verrucae, and the body’s ability to heal adequately.

Book an appointment for an initial consultation with the Podiatrist, to discuss your treatment requirements.

Laser therapy and Cryotherapy can only be accessed at the 21st Century clinic, to book an appointment at this location contact the clinic on 0118 9311 444 to book with Ronke the Podiatrist .